Anastasia Fedorova "Path To Life" landscape painting Canadian artist

Path to Life, 40" x 30"

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 Oil on Canvas.

Anastasia usually begins all her works after meditation being in the most peaceful and present state of being. Anastasia says that she wants her works to channel only positive energy and beautify the world around her. 

This beautiful oil painting by Anastasia Fedorova explores the theme of the new happy beginning in life. Anastasia says that what we believe in life often becomes our reality. Even in the hardest moments of life, we need to have the hope for a better future to come. "Path to Life" shows the viewer the beautiful path through the colorful woods of Life towards the optimistic horizon with the bright sun symbolizing a bright and happy future for everyone who is taking the path. 

Award-winning Vancouver-based oil painter Anastasia Fedorova creates unique multilayer oil paintings using the traditional Renaissance Italian technique impasto. Her oil paintings have many layers of different oil paintings. Sometimes there could be up to six layers which she paints one on top of another. Her unique technique allows her to achieve incredible depth in her oil paintings and makes her works full of vivid and sumptuous colors. 

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

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