Tamanda Elia "Red Maple"

"Red Maple," 16" x 20"

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Oil on Canvas.

The beautiful red maple leaf has been the national symbol of Canada for over 150 years. According to historians, maple leaf began to serve as a Canadian symbol as early as 1700. Long before the arrival of European settlers, Aboriginal peoples had already discovered the food properties of maple sap – which they gathered every spring.

Since maple is the patron of love, its stunningly beautiful leaves can be used in love magic. No wonder we are so happy to bring home bouquets of maple leaves in autumn. It is not only a tribute to their beauty but also a subliminal desire to fill the house with love. So bring LOVE and NATURE to your house with this original artwork!

Tamanda Elia is an impressionist painter who lives and works in St. Catharines, Ontario.  She primarily works with oil paint but varies her subject from landscape to still life. She has always been interested in Art and was credited with many awards and honors in Art in school.  After obtaining a Visual and Creative Arts in Design Diploma from Niagara College, she then headed off to Halifax to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in fine art from NSCAD University. After many years she is now an International artist selling works to private collections in Europe, Australia, the USA, and Canada.

The artwork is sold in perfect condition.

Includes signed certificate of authenticity.

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