Artwork as Zoom Background

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Face-to-face meetings turned into video calls and then came the need to spruce up the wall decor to make workspaces look 'more attractive on camera'. Artwork is an instant way to transform a bland wall and add interest.


Your home office represents your personal or corporate brand. Posing in front of the same bookshelf or blank wall can get very repetitive and boring. If you consider yourself a professional, there’s no reason your home office walls should be bare and unexciting. Create an atmosphere in your home office that puts your personal style on display.

Having artworks as your background can offer a lot of information about your personality. If you have one of two pieces of art up, it can reveal that you are creative, whereas a plain white wall won’t communicate that. Also, when you have real art in the background - it serves as a handy topic of conversation should you need one. Also, your coworkers will be jealous and impressed with how large the art is on your wall.


Here are some tips on how to curate your workspace:

Tip #1 Choose color to influence your mood and create a minimalist space

Tip #2 Fill your office with inspirational objects

Tip #3 Select a statement piece of art

So next time you’re looking for a new piece of art, don’t forget the office might be the perfect place for it, adding a touch of energy or calming influence in the space where you need it most.

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