Choosing the Artwork for Each Room in your Home.

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How to Choose The Right Artwork for Your Home?

It is very often referred to as the "heart of the home" and a prime location of the house. If you tend to spend a decent amount of time of your day in your kitchen, we don't see any reason at all for not adding artwork in your kitchen! Brighten up your mornings with some gorgeous flowers or a serene abstract to look up to!

Your bedroom is the ultimate retreat, a supreme place to crash after a tiresome day, and a space for relaxation! The best placement you can choose for your bedroom wall art paintings is over the bed or on the wall opposite your bed. Select art with soothing colours to soothe your senses during the night!

📍Home office
Many of us work from home, and nothing beats a good art in your home office to keep you uplifted and motivated to get through the day! Here you can go all the way out and add multiple wall art pieces to adorn your room. Most of us go through a myriad of moods during our entire day at work. Sometimes we are happy for that appraisal, whereas sometimes, we are burdened with perpetual work. Hence, multiple wall arts will suit every mood perfectly.

Another very common room we tend to ignore when it comes to decorating with creative wall art is our bathrooms! However, most bathroom walls look best with painting pairs stacked side by side. A single wall art might look good, but certainly not the best. If you have a master bathroom, preferably look out for some serene and calming art. Similarly, if you have a powder room on the main level, stick to abstract pieces which will be the center of attraction!

📍Living Room
The living room is apparently the first room your guests will see when they enter. Your living room wall art should be interactive and perfectly matches the vibe of the entire space. Look out for unique pieces that stand out and opt for bigger sizes as per the space available to complement best!

Always keep your wall art cohesive, fun and let your personality shine through it. Remember. If you don't love it from within, that painting doesn't deserve that spot in your home! ❤️

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