Investing in Art During a Recession

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Art is considered an alternative asset but in this post, we’ll give you insights on investing in art during a recession.

The biggest gainers during the current market crash (January 2022 through May 2022) so far are oil (+37%), agricultural commodities (+30%), and art (+15%). 

investing in art during a recession


To give you a comparison to the 2020 COVID-19 recession (Feb 2020 through Apr 2020), fine art managed to remain relatively stable.

investing in art during a recession


And looking at the biggest gainers during the Q4 of 2018 market crash, Fine Art (+7.54%) came in at a close second.

investing in art during a recession

Across all three stock market crashes examined between 2018 and 2022, agricultural commodities and fine art came out as the top-performing assets overall. The contemporary art market tends to outperform other segments within fine art, returning an average of 7.5% per year as compared to the overall art market's 5.3%.

So, the answer is YES. Buy the pieces you love, forget about matching decor, and contact us if you need help with artwork selection, delivery and installation.

*Source: and Artprice Contemporary Art Index

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