Karen Jeffrey


Karen is an abstract artist working in cold wax, and oil. She currently lives in Markham, Ontario, with her two teenage sons and two rescued Boston/Pugs. She’s an OCAD graduate and an accomplished Pastry Chef and her two favorite tools for painting are her pastry palette knife and her plastic bowl scraper, bringing all her creative worlds together. Karen's body of work is largely reflective of her many travels and she draws her inspirations from her surroundings and the ongoing dialogue in her mind. Each painting represents a collection of fragments from her memories of travels, and they come together to form a larger visual story. Giving the piece lively energy and captures an environment, where the forms, lines, and marks coexist. Her work can be currently seen in several galleries in Ontario and in numerous private collections. 


“My body of work is largely reflective of my travels, my memories, and the dialogue that forms in my head. This is all reflected in my latest series of landscapes and clouds. The paintings transform as I paint many luminous and transparent layers, then scratch, scrape, and sand my way through to allow the juicy colours underneath to be exposed. Intuitively, the colours play with each other creating a space where all the forms and the mark-making find balance to coexist. And, I just love it!”

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