Anastasia Fedorova



Anastasia Fedorova is an established Ukrainian-Canadian oil painter based in Vancouver. Anastasia creates beautiful multilayer oil paintings using traditional Renaissance painterly technique impasto. Her oil paintings have many layers and sometimes there could be up to six layers which she paints one on top of another. The main subjects of Anastasia’s oil paintings are conceptualized landscape, cityscape, and floral pieces. She usually starts her work from nature doing her Plein-airs because the direct experience is very important to her. Anastasia`s oil paintings are conversational pieces, and there is always an idea behind every work she creates.

Anastasia won numerous international art awards and has a long history of solo and group exhibitions including IX Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy; 55th Venice Biennale, International art project Passagio in Laguna Venice Italy, and a solo exhibition at National Museum of Art in Kyiv. Anastasia is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a member of the International Association of Artists. Her artworks can be found in collections across Canada and around the world.


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