Bibiana Hooper

Bibiana Hooper Canadian abstract floral art Kefi Art Gallery


Bibiana Hooper has been refining her skills in abstract, floral and landscape painting for the past several years. She likes working with acrylics, fluid acrylics, and inks, exploring how these mediums work together in layers on canvas and watercolour paper. Bibiana has been part of the Okanagan Valley Art Community since 2018 and has collectors across Canada, the USA, Argentina, Australia, and Bali. 


"I feel my paintings have a language of their own that I cannot explain. When I pick up a paintbrush it’s like Poetry… the brush moves through me with all I have experienced… surrendering to it, anticipating the outcome. I use dark colours to express the struggle and light colours for happiness. They both must exist to create balance. The looseness of the brush strokes and observing the imperfections are in a sense perfect… like poetry on a canvas."


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